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Andy Wendel is a senior datacenter- and cloud architect as well as a certified security master with a specialization in advanced Windows security

He was and still is trained and mentored by the internationally well respected security experts Paula Januszkiewicz and Sami Laiho.

The certification is renewed annually.

Since the late 1990s Andy Wendel works as an IT-trainer and -consultant. Prior to becoming self-employed in 2014, he was part of the TraiCen team in Münster-Wolbeck.

Together with selected partners who also have an expertise of at least 15 years in professional training and consulting he makes his professional know-how available.

Microsoft only awarded 56 certified learning consultants worldwide with Andy Wendel being one of them.

He is capable of planning professional trainings to an enterprise level, execute and finally evaluate them regarding the returns of invest.