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Pass-the-Hash, Malware, Mimikatz & Credential Guard – do these names ring a bell?

We have committed ourselves to the mission of security. Therefore, we have a solid foundation. Our trainers have been specialists in the field of IT security for more than 15 years. They can competently evaluate whether e.g. GDPR or DSGV would be the better choice in an individual case. This level of competence is possible because at Wendel-Training-Consulting it is natural for employees to regularly participate in advanced trainings themselves. The team´s knowledge is constantly being updated. Andy Wendel himself was instructed by Paula Januszkiewicz, one of the world´s leading security experts. In 2017 and 2018 Andy Wendel was among 100 chosen participants of her course „Advanced Security Administrator“ and completed each of them with a certified award.

Wendel-Training-Consulting offers state-of-the-art knowledge in the following topics:

  • General and specific consulting around the topic of security
  • Consulting regarding the European Data Protection Regulation (EDPR)
  • Implementation of secure Microsoft networks following the rules of EDPR
  • Roll-out of highly secure Windows-10-Clients in the company´s environment
  • Penetration-Testing in cooperation with Cqure – the company of Paula Januszkiewicz
  • Roll-out of MDM-solution with Intune
  • Protection of Azure environments
  • Roll-out and hardening of all your servers and clients

These are just examples, not the whole portfolio – Wendel-Training-Consulting also addresses customer questions regarding different IT spectra.